The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has strong administration, infrastructure and dedicated team of faculty. Our department is keeping pace with the fast changing technology of electronics and communication in terms of its teaching programs and laboratory activities. In addition to core electronic subjects, software based subjects are also included in the syllabus which makes this course suitable for core electronics and many IT industries. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is the study, application and control of the scientific phenomenon concerned with flow of electrical current. Telecommunication sector involves the telephone industry, computer industry, microwave radio systems, satellite communications, earth stations using satellite dishes, cellular phones industries. An electronic engineer can find job in Consumer electronics manufacturing organization, Telecommunication industry, IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing industry, Mobile communication, Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and Other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry, directing control and testing production process. Electrical technicians and technologists can specialize in technical sales, product representation, systems management, the design and manufacture of electronic devices and systems, or the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic systems and equipment. They may also work with computers and electronic equipment in the medical, manufacturing sectors.

Key Features

Students are prepared for careers in various engineering fields. The department has conducted many conferences and workshops on recent technologies and has an excellent record of research activities with many national and international publications in journals and conferences.

The department consists of well‐equipped, state‐of‐the‐art laboratories which include:

  • Communication lab
  • Microprocessor lab
  • Circuits Lab
  • Electrical Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Simulation Lab